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SmartTouch AP™ Overview

Advanced AP Automation Software

Quick project ROI makes AP an ideal candidate for process improvement and cost reduction through automation. The extensive and comprehensive functionality of Ascend’s SmartTouch AP™ solution delivers a robust solution designed to streamline AP processes. Renowned for ease-of-use and fast implementation, the industry leading solution relies on its scalability and flexibility to deliver incredible bottom line savings to large organizations.

Accounts Payable Business Process Improvement that Pays

Properly automating your Accounts Payable department extends far beyond document imaging and workflow. In fact, imaging alone can result in added effort to an already time-intensive invoice process. Additionally, many workflow solutions amount to nothing more than a difficult to maintain electronic approval process. The goal of reducing paper handling and automating processes may be achieved, but at what cost?

Ascend’s SmartTouch AP™ solution allows organizations to improve efficiencies far beyond automating manual invoice routing. SmartTouch AP will recognize those invoices that need special processing from those repetitive invoices that follow standard processing and eliminate thousands of touches each month. This is just the beginning of how Ascend solution will save an organization more than any other solution every day. “How” is Ascend’s SmartTouch AP business process automation different from other AP imaging and workflow products? SmartTouch AP features built-in fraud detection and prevention, flexible invoice approval routing, and advanced web-based invoice search. Further, Ascend’s advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology reliably and consistently extracts information from both structured and unstructured documents. Our leading-edge approach to OCR yields extremely high data recognition rates coupled with easy product administration, which is rare in character recognition solutions. SmartTouch AP is designed to integrate with most leading ERP systems, and offers the only real-time integration with Infor Lawson.

Ascend’s in-depth knowledge will streamline your AP processes and provide corporate controls to give you the peace of mind that is expected from this type of investment. SmartTouch AP advanced technology and design allows for fewer steps and less “touches” than a standard AP imaging and workflow solution, which explains the often more than doubled ROI.

SmartTouch AP™ captures invoices and supporting documents (e.g., imaging, FAXES, E-mails) through standard and advanced capture methods. Advanced document data recognition features are used (i.e., OCR, ICR, OMR, and bar-coding). The recognition software has learning capabilities to continually improve invoice data capture rates.

Many Accounts Payable processes may be automated, incorporating accurate repeatable procedures into daily activities, and producing rapid returns on investment and numerous other benefits:

  • Eliminate lost discounts
  • Eliminate late payment fees
  • Reduced data entry errors and time associated with corrections
  • Reduce manual steps in problem resolution
  • Reduce vendor phone calls
  • Reduce document look-up time for every user
  • Reduced operational labor costs and increased efficiency
  • Reduced training effort and costs
  • Builds audit logs of activity to prove compliance
  • Electronically capture reports and perform robust report bursting

These procedures, which are incorporated into the SmartTouch system and business process automation, eliminate redundant and routine tasks and frees employees for research and other projects best suited for the personal touch.

Lower Cost of Ownership with Ascend

Typically, the main focus during a system evaluation is the requirements. Fulfilling a checklist of requirements is only the beginning. After an AP automated solution is implemented, ease-of-use and cost of administration are crucial, but can be overlooked. Avoid losing some of your cost-saving benefits and increasing the cost of your support or I.T. department with Ascend’s SmartTouch AP Solution. It is easier and less costly to implement and maintain.

Ascend proudly stands behind all of its solutions with a product guarantee. Setting the standard for Product Integrity is Ascend’s core philosophy and daily practice.

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Customer Testimonials
  • Our favorite features of Ascend Software’s solutions are the combination of scanning and image control and OCR, followed by the workflow which allows us to track items and force accountability.

    Stephan W. Kelly
    Director of Disbursements
    University of Pennsylvania Health System
  • Ascend’s ability to understand not only our document routing and storage needs, but also the need for immediate integration with Lawson was a big part of our reason for choosing them.

    Craig Nash
    Corporate Controller
    White Lodging Services
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