Eliminate your invoice backlog

Automate your accounts payable processes and reduce unnecessary touches
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SmartTouch AP accounts payable automation
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Capture, manage and store invoice information
Extract and store invoice information with high accuracy and data recognition rates.
Process invoices more efficiently
Spend less time processing invoices. Deliver project ROI in a few months.
Stop double entry
Process invoices right the first time.
Real-time integration
Integrate data with Workday Financial Management in real-time.

How it works

SmartTouch AP Invoice Automation

Capture information

Automate data entry by capturing information from invoices with highly-accurate advanced optical character recognition (OCR).

Pass real-time data 

Data automatically flows to Workday Financial Management for invoice storage and retrieval.

Validate, pair and auto code

Automatically validate and pair supplier, purchase order and contract term information. Non-PO invoices can be automatically coded based on prototypes or processing history.

AP department gains

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Increase processing capacity

Get rid of your invoice backlog.
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Spend less time processing

Less time processing invoices means more time for high-value tasks.
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Report on key metrics

 Keep track of key metrics to show AP efficiency gains.

The numbers don't lie

Less data entry, compared to manual invoice processing
Million invoices processed in Workday Financial Management
Average time savings on invoice coding

Our customers speak for us

"We migrated from Lawson to Workday. We were on the leading edge of promoting Ascend to Workday because we had a great Ascend experience in Lawson—from scanning to PO matching to locking invoices for coding and approval. We had line pairing occur in Ascend rather than Workday, which saved about a third of the time."

Tony Lutz Senior Director of Shared Services

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“We were really focused on solutions that were approved by Workday. Ascend’s user interface really feels like Workday’s to us. It's very natural to go to certain fields and say, ‘Okay, this is what it means in Workday, so this is what it means in Ascend.’ To me, it felt very instinctive.”

Brett Anderson Manager, Accounts Payable

“Ascend feeds into Workday so well, we don’t even have to think about it. If something works so well that it doesn’t even demand your attention, well to me that’s when you have your most success.”

Jaycee Bridges Director of Finance and Accounting

“The process efficiency and visibility that we get with Ascend is key. Having PO data extracted automatically and the PO image and PDF to match to the invoice is a big gain for us. We used to have piles and piles of invoices and the process has become much, much faster.”

Lorenzo Calviello Finance Group Manager

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