Webinar: 10:00-10:30am PST | Tuesday, December 7

AP Automation Best Practices: Part 2

How companies on Workday Financials use AP automation to process 80-90 percent of invoices without ever seeing them.

Join us for Part 2 of our express webinar series. Ascend's Head of Product will share more of the best practices Ascend users employ to process more than 80% of their invoices automatically, without touching them.

If you missed Part 1 you can see it here.

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Questions you'll answer

Recognition vs. Pass-Through

What's the difference between Recognition and Pass-Through and why does it matter? 

You'll learn how the two critical KPIs in AP Automation are related and how to improve them both. 

Automation Best Practices

What does it take to get to a high pass-through rate? 

We'll give you the five best practices (and more) that will help you move your AP Automation Pass-Through rates higher and higher. 

Starting Strong

How can I ensure that my automation project is successful?

If you are just starting your automation project, we'll give you some guidance on starting strong and KPIs to monitor so you know you are on the right track.