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Did you say, “Document Scanning & Workflow for GL?” Huh?

When I think of eliminating paper and improving office procedures, my mind gravitates toward those “paper intensive” areas like Accounts Payable, Contracts Management and Human Capital Management… but should I be thinking about “the book of original entry”? YES! Employing journal entry scanning (or imaging) and approval routing will have a significant impact on your...


Achieving a Paperless Office

In a digital age where so much communication takes place across desktops and mobile devices, there are some who argue that paper is dead. In fact, the demise of paper has been predicted for over two decades, despite recent studies that indicate more than 80% of document work is still on paper. Contributing to paper’s thriving existence, particularly for businesses,...


Using Technology to Be a Strong Steward of Public Funds

In the public sector, there is a strong argument to be made that the number one job of all employees- at all levels- is to be a good steward of public funds. Public sector entities are entrusted with tax dollars, bond funds, capitol investments and real property with full faith from the public that the best use will be made of these resources within the communities...


8 Benefits of Document Imaging & Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Healthcare

Going Paperless” is an industry buzzword that gets a lot of attention, and has been a goal for many, if not most, healthcare organizations for years. But even with a lot of talk about document imaging and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), there are still questions about the specific benefits Imaging and OCR will bring to an organization. At Ascend, we have helped...


5 Ways to Cut Your AP Processing Time in Half

It makes sense that you would never want to spend twice as long doing anything if you didn’t need to, but when it comes to paying your bills, it may not be crystal clear why you would want to be in a hurry to part with your cash. Why then are so many organizations looking to reduce their processing time? Not surprisingly, it’s about money – and not just soft costs...


10 Things to Consider When Automating Your AP Department

The internal discussion happens every year, doesn’t it? “We don’t have the budget… We don’t have the resources at this time… We have another project that is taking priority… Let’s consider AP Imaging and Workflow Automation next year…” Automating your AP department may feel like a daunting undertaking, but can you really afford NOT to do it? If you break down the...