SmartTouch HR™

HR Automation for Workday

SmartTouch HR™ for Workday

Traditional Human Resource departments are tasked with an array of manual, paper-based processes, such as document search and retrieval, employee onboarding, change process management, performance appraisals, and benefits calculations. HR is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of volumes of sensitive information, which must be readily accessible to ensure corporate compliance.

SmartTouch HR is a flexible, configurable platform that integrates with multiple ERP systems. It transforms companies for the future, by eliminating labor intensive processes related to document management, and empowering individuals to meet higher-value operational and strategic objectives. It also enables businesses to find, grow, and retain top talent, by delivering actionable workforce insights through the full employee lifecycle.

Integrated Workforce Management

SmartTouch HR is part of the SmartTouch Automation Suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to seamlessly work together to create a smart workplace, by streamlining business processes with self-service, workflow and policy automation. SmartTouch HR allows businesses to maintain a productive and cost-effective workforce, by automating all aspects of human capital management, while ensuring that confidential data is maintained electronically and securely.

Greater Control & Compliance

In addition to scanning and digitizing documents, SmartTouch HR performs robust data recognition and validation, which drastically reduces errors and administrative costs. It also works together with ECM, to create a single, unified content repository of employee data, that offers a complete range of content management services including search, security, workflow, and governance and control. Moreover, the solution supports an unlimited number of document search fields, to ensure that documents are located and retrieved effectively and efficiently.

Large public and private organizations choose SmartTouch HR to modernize their HR department, due to its superior architecture, functionally, ease-of-use, and scalability.

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