Imaging & e-Invoicing

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Imaging and Advanced Capture
Prior to implementing an imaging solution, it is best to evaluate the documents to determine how they will be indexed, organized, stored, retrieved, and searched. This approach sets the stage for a more effective, efficient, and intuitive imaging solution after implementation. Greater savings will be gain with time-efficient document organization and research.

During the day-to-day imaging process, the documents are sorted, scanned, indexed, and stored for later retrieval. Ascend’s RS ImageManager’s advanced image processing with unlimited indexing capabilities. Document data recognition features are used to identify values on a document (i.e., OCR, ICR, OMR, and bar-coding). The advanced capture functionality has learning capabilities to continually improve data recognition without the needs for templates.

Ascend’s RS ImageManager produces the highest quality image and supports many types of document capture (e.g., imaging, FAXES, E-mails) through both the standard and advanced capture methods.

Zero Touch Paperless Office
An option of the SMARTOUCH AP solution is the “Zero Touch” implementation. As part of the Zero Touch Ascend solution you can optimize your business processes (BPO) and have Ascend scan and automatically route your documents to either your centralized or decentralized locations. This eliminates all invoice handling, document prep, sorting, scanning, and image validation. There is no scanning equipment to purchase and maintain. You simply receive electronic invoices that are intelligently routed to the AP department or the approving department. This configuration provides the greatest cost savings with the least effort.

e-Invoicing to the Rescue
There is a growing movement in today’s business community to do much more with much less, in order to improve operational efficiency and overall profitability, and the Accounts Payable department is not immune to this trend. The AP department often has an enormous task handling, approving, and processing the supplier invoices that must be promptly paid to keep the organization running, and increased staff workloads, and the mundane, repetitive tasks required to process the typical invoice, can lead to unwelcome errors and productivity slowdowns. Thankfully, Ascend Software has the answer to your invoice handling problems with its e-Invoicing solution.

The Inefficiency of Paper Invoices
We have been in the “Electronic Age” for quite some time now, and the information for your invoices is already encoded in the accounting systems of your suppliers. Typically and unfortunately, your suppliers must print, stuff, and mail your invoices, and you must receive, open, research, data-enter (e.g., by keyboard, scanner, or both), and encode the same information into your accounting system before you can use it; not only is this an inefficient way to pass information, it is also costly for you and your suppliers, in time, effort, and money. Ascend has a more efficient, effective, and inexpensive solution to the handling of paper invoices with e-Invoicing, that can benefit you and your suppliers.

e-Invoicing for Your Organization
Electronically connect with suppliers’ billing systems to your AP process through Ascend’s SMARTOUCH AP e-Invoicing, unburdening your AP staff from their paper handling duties. This e-Invoicing process will perform vendor validation checks and automatically route those invoices requiring approval. Invoice data is quickly routed to your system, seamlessly and electronically, avoiding delays and data entry errors. Research and auditing is simplified, because electronic invoices may automatically be matched and indexed to underlying purchase orders and other contracts, and may also be accompanied by images and other supporting documents and attachments. Your rapid processing allows you to benefit from supplier payment discounts, and to comply with the Value Added Tax (VAT) and other government regulations found domestically and abroad.

Every company can benefit from Ascend’s e-Invoicing solution, because Ascend Operation Services interfaces with your suppliers, receives the invoice data, properly formats it, and makes it available to you. You receive accurate and efficient electronic information, when you want it, and your AP department never has to handle paper invoices again. So much human intervention is removed from the processing of an invoice, that the first person to see the invoice information is the person approving payment.

e-Invoicing is the ultimate “green” solution: not only does e-Invoicing save natural resources, but it saves you the cash you currently spend on employee effort, processing equipment, and document storage, and will return your investment in a very short period of time.