SmartTouch AIR™

Document Imaging for Workday

SmartTouch AIR™ for Workday

SmartTouch AIR is a powerful enterprise-class solution, designed to automate routine tasks, and lower costs related to the creation, management, and storage of business documents. SmartTouch AIR is part of the SmartTouch Automation Suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to seamlessly work together to create a smart workplace.

Streamlined Business Activities

In conjunction with SmartTouch AP and ECM, SmartTouch AIR effectively and efficiently captures, secures, and distributes electronic documents and reports. The sophisticated solution delivers efficiencies by reducing or eliminating costs and labor associated with document printing, shipping, storage, search, and retrieval. It relies on advanced optical character recognition (OCR) to perform document imaging and data capture; intelligently locating and extracting data from both structured and unstructured documents, such as purchase orders, forms, invoices, expense reports, and contracts.

Simplified Document Management

With out-of-the-box real-time integration and a service-oriented architecture, SmartTouch AIR simplifies IT infrastructures by leveraging existing Workday investments. SmartTouch AIR works together with SmartTouch AP to manage data validation, document routing, approvals, policy enforcement and exception processing needs. SmartTouch AP’s built-in audit log minimizes risk of costly fines and penalties related to legal and regulatory compliance. Digitized documents are securely stored in ECM, a single, unified content repository that offers a complete range of content management services including search, security, workflow, and revision control. The result is a well-integrated, end-to-end content management system, that offers powerful and dependable automated document handling.

Easy Administration & Maintenance

Large public and private organizations choose SmartTouch AIR for quick implementation and superior out-of-the box data recognition rates. SmartTouch AIR does not use template technology, but rather relies on machine-learning algorithms to identify data. This allows the agile solution to easily recognize new or changed invoice layouts without manual intervention. This innovative approach prevents the time-intensive setup and extensive on-going maintenance often required, in order to avoid deteriorating data recognition rates.

Outsourced Document Management

In addition to SmartTouch AIR, Ascend offers an Imaging as a Service (IAAS) solution, where we act as a receiver to scan and validate your inbound invoices with a 99%+ accuracy rate, then return the captured images and associated data directly to your business application. Learn more.

We Are a Workday Certified Solutions Partner

In 2016, Ascend embarked on a journey to become the first Certified Solution Partner in Imaging and Document Management, for Workday’s Financial Management platform. During that period, Workday software engineers conducted an in-depth analysis of the performance, functionality, and integration of our advanced data capture and storage solutions. Our products were extensively examined by Workday, to ensure they met the same product integrity that customers have come to expect from Workday.

Why Is This Important to My Business?

The certification we earned from Workday validates that companies trust Ascend to deliver a seamless business automation experience between Workday, and our fully integrated product suite. It also means that our clients directly benefit from our certified Workday expertise, which manifests itself in the engineering, implementation, support, and ease-of-use of our best-in-class solutions. Finally, it means that if you are investing in business automation, you need look no further than Ascend, as we have demonstrated a substantial commitment to Workday technology and solutions.

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