SmartTouch AIR

Analytical Information Recognition

Document Data Recognition & Extraction is as Easy as AIR!

Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR, Analytical Information Recognition, is the answer for organizations that want to reliably and consistently extract information from structured and unstructured documents. Ascend’s leading-edge approach delivers extremely high data recognition rates coupled with easy product administration, which is rare in character recognition solutions.  Ascend does NOT use template technology.  This avoids the time-intensive setup and extensive on-going maintenance often called “training” that is required to avoid deteriorating data recognition rates.


Speed & Automation

Our extensive experience with imaging and character recognition and standard of excellence is apparent in our SmartTouch AIR solution.  Customers will experience a rapid implementation and an excellent out-of-the box recognition rate.  We understand that vendors change their invoice layouts and our AIR solution recognizes those changes without manual intervention.  As a result, users aren’t required to continually make manual software changes to maintain higher data recognition rates that are experienced with template-based and other technologies.


Outsource Scanning

Ascend also offers SmartTouch AIR as a Service Provider.  We will scan and validate your invoices with a 99%+ accuracy rate, then transmit the document data to your business application.  Additionally, you can use Ascend’s extensive business process automation solutions to address all your routing, approvals, policy enforcement and exception processing needs, then easily and securely store the images in our ECM solution.


Let AIR Help You Today

You will experience a well-integrated end-to-end solution, designed and developed by Ascend Software, giving you a powerful and dependable solution that is easily administered.  SmartTouch AIR will transform and automate your invoice and document handling process.  Your organization will accomplish much more with fewer and smarter touches.