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Nearly every organization is challenged with the creation and maintenance of volumes of critical, and often sensitive, information. Managing the storage, search, and retrieval of key information can be a costly, overwhelming, and inefficient process — most especially in organizations and departments where information must be readily accessible, to ensure compliance with ever-changing policies and procedures. Since 1997, Ascend Software has engineered end-to-end business automation solutions, designed to help companies overcome the demands of information management. Ascend’s integrated solutions deliver clear cost savings and greater efficiencies, across a wide-range industries and departments

Work Smarter, Faster with Business Automation Solutions for PeopleSoft

Ascend Software has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that seamlessly integrate with PeopleSoft, to provide powerful business process automation. Built and implemented on top of your existing PeopleSoft technology investment, Ascend’s solutions eradicate rigorous and complex document workflows, by:

  • Improving visibility on invoices and easily identifying delay points
  • Increasing efficiencies through automation and greatly reducing processing time and costs
  • Reducing errors and time associated with corrections
  • Ensuring invoice approvals are obtained and distribution codes are validated
  • Maintaining audit logs of activity to prove compliance
  • Eliminating late payment fees
  • Reducing document look-up time for every user
  • Reducing training effort and costs by configuring policies and procedures into the solution
  • Capturing reports from all systems and easily bursting reports to departments and users

Eliminate Costly Paper-based Processes

Paper-based systems are subject to lost and misfiled documents, which can often result in costly retrieval. These costs are compounded with off-site storage challenges. Utilizing intelligent imaging, OCR, and storage, Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR and SmartTouch ECM (enterprise content management) solutions integrate with PeopleSoft, to eliminate manual and paper-based processes that stifle employee productivity. Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR accurately scans paper documents (such as invoices and employee records), captures electronic documents, and performs advanced OCR. Further, SmartTouch AIR makes use of Ascend’s state-of-the-art learning algorithm, to quickly recognize and extract document data — eliminating the need to create and maintain hundreds of time-intensive templates for each vendor. For example, the solution will automatically identify and extract information from a vendor invoice, and prevent the need to manually key this data into a PeopleSoft module. Ascend’s SmartTouch ECM is an enterprise content management solution that stores documents of all kinds (e.g. invoices, forms, checks, etc.) and file types (e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PostScript, Word, Excel, etc.), in a single, convenient and secure centralized system. The solution’s integration technology allows users to effortlessly search and retrieve reports, documents, and images, without ever leaving their PeopleSoft product module. Both Ascend’s SmartTouch AIR and SmartTouch ECM, combine with PeopleSoft, to produce greater data entry accuracy, extensive search options, increased throughput, and quick, efficient access to electronic documents.

Automatically Route Documents for Faster Approval

Working in conjunction with SmartTouch AIR and SmartTouch ECM, Ascend’s SmartTouch AP solution allows organizations to move into a truly paperless environment that is automated with flexible approval and escalation routings. SmartTouch AP uses data extracted from paper and electronic documents, such as the vendor, invoice number, invoice date, and purchase order number, to automatically route documents to the appropriate approver, without any effort — an organization that manually routes 10,000 documents per month, could save over 160 hours each month, using the solution. Once an electronic document is approved, it is automatically exported from Ascend’s SmartTouch ECM solution, and imported directly into PeopleSoft.

Protect Your Bottom-line with Fraud Detection and Prevention

Employee fraud costs the average large organization 5% of revenue according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), which can make the difference between an organization being profitable or not. Ascend’s SmartTouch Advanced Fraud Prevention is a sophisticated software technology that is embedded within the SmartTouch AP, SmartTouch T&E, and SmartTouch Check Request platforms, and is used to analyze financial transactions and prevent fraud before it occurs. Ascend’s fraud prevention protects your organization in an intrinsic manner, by intimately interacting with transactions and the associated details, such as the approvers, numeric analysis and historical patterns. Want to learn more about how our solutions can integrate with your existing PeopleSoft system to deliver true cost savings and process efficiencies? Please contact us or request a demonstration today!

4 Benefits of Ascend Software’s PeopleSoft Integrated Solutions
  • Reduce costs and drastically improve efficiency through business process automation.
  • Eliminate paper processes through intelligent imaging, OCR, and storage solutions.
  • Manage and route documents for approval, including invoices, employee records, and check requests.
  • Quickly reclaim bottom-line dollars with advanced fraud detection and prevention.

Learn more about our PeopleSoft integration, or request a demonstration.

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