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A Feature-rich and Flexible Document Management Solution

Imaging & Enterprise Document Management
Imaging is the conversion of paper documents into digital images. Paper documents are scanned and online documents are captured electronically. These images are indexed then processed with either standard manual key indexing or with SmartTouch AIR, analytical information recognition. Ascend Software offers an end-to-end imaging solution that manages the entire life cycle of the document. From the point it is captured, recognized, indexed, distributed, stored and easily maintain through this entire life-cycle to the point a document is purged (or maintained indefinitely). Ascend’s solution are renowned for ease-of-use, reliability, accessibility, usability, and scalability. Images (e.g. invoices, forms, checks, etc.), and many other document or multi-media file types (e.g. PDF, JPEG, PostScript, Word, Excel, MPEG, AVI, etc.) are conveniently and securely stored and can be distributed or retrieved with unlimited indexing capability.

Imaging Process
Ascend’s expertise starts prior to the implementation of any imaging solution. We help guide you through the best imaging approach to yield an efficient, productive, and convenient solution. It is important to determine how documents will be retrieved and searched to define the proper indices to ensure fast and accurate retrieval. Easily meet your centralized and/or decentralized scanning requirements (including Internet/Intranet) and determine which scanning methods will be most efficient (e.g. batch, single-sheet, etc.) with our document imaging software. The document recognition process includes advanced features to ensure a high quality scan (e.g. deskewing, deshading, despeckling and streak removal). Quality control features are optionally available for those documents that require accuracy 100% of the time. Selecting the appropriate hardware is critical to balancing potential future growth with current need. One must consider duty cycles, large to small document size, volume, duplex, speed and connectivity. This approach sets the stage for a more effective and more intuitive imaging solution after implementation leading to greater efficiency.

For day-to-day document imaging, files are scanned, indexed and stored for future retrieval. RS ImageManager’s advanced image processing and unlimited indexing capabilities. Optional conversion to PDF provides full text search capabilities on scanned and previously indexed documents as well.

Keyless Document Indexing
SmartTouch AIR is an innovative approach to automate the manual process of indexing images. Ascend Software developed this automated document indexing process. Imaging solutions for known document layouts are great, but what do you do when you have to scan dissimilar (unstructured) documents like AP invoices? Scanning thousands of documents is a time consuming task, and to properly index each document for future viewing and research is a problem faced every day. SmartTouch AIR is the solution that lets you avoid all the rekeying of index information and automates the document indexing process. You will save an extraordinary amount of time while increasing accuracy.

Enterprise Document Management
Ascend’s ECM is a more robust back-end Enterprise Document Management that manages all the images, reports and all file types. This solution that offers superior storage, report distribution, retrieval, and viewing options that can be administered by either a business user or I.T. The robust storage management feature can automatically manage advanced storage functions of the documents. Store documents on a disk, then after a designated time period, automatically migrate them to secondary storage devices. Both the migration and retrieval process can be automated and support free. The flexible rule based system allows you to identify a single document or a group of documents and uniquely or generally define: security, user groups, public or private folders, retention periods, centralize/decentralize storage locations, and multiple storage mediums. Our solution maintains an audit log for each document that records an entry every time a document is viewed, E-Mailed, forwarded, printed, or re-assigned (each action may also be restricted through security).

Document Retrieval and Viewing
Ascend’s ECM system includes a 100% web-based retrieval and viewing that intuitively guides users to organize and retrieve their information. The documents can be organized in private or public folders, E-Mailed, printed, Faxed, and routed for approval, among other actions. Send a link to a co-worker of the exact page with a message explaining what needs to be reviewed or approved. A user can create an unlimited number of Views to present the documents (related and unrelated) in a meaningful manner. Its ability to organize and search for documents surpasses other systems. Have the ability to search across documents on an unlimited number of fields. To further reduce research time, the Folder structure allows you to save searches, so documents are only a click away. Ascend incorporates many performance features that our customers appreciate. As a user creates Folders to organize documents and define related search criteria, other systems will duplicate the documents, which demands significantly larger space requirements, and makes migration to secondary storage or purging of expired documents unmanageable. Regardless of the number of folders the document is associated with, Ascend’s ECM a single copy of the document.