SMARTOUCH T&E™ 100% Web Access

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SMARTOUCH Travel & Expense is a comprehensive solution that solves diverse business needs and provides 100% web-browser user access, which eliminates the hassle of client installations. Users may quickly and easily access their current expense reports, indentify which reports are pending approval, attach receipts and documents, view historical reports, all conveniently from their web-browser. With SMARTOUCH T&E Solution, expense reports will be efficiently created, approved, processed, and archived. The manual entry of information upon paper forms and the manual reentry of the same information into your accounting system by the AP department is no longer required. Improve your operation and your bottom line, with a solution that will return your investment in a very short period of time. It’s ALL about time!

As a true web-browser solution you can provide quick and easy access to your users to this online solution when either running the solution in-house or using Ascend to host the application in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

A Simple Online Experience

End User’s Experience

SMARTOUCH T&E Solution is designed to quickly guide your users through step-by-step screens to compile electronic expense report. All along the way, the expense report is automatically validated for compliance with your corporate travel and expense policy; exceptions can be prevented or flagged. The system can require receipts or prevent overages on certain types of expenses, such as meals. Additionally, the automatic validation prevents payment delays that users would otherwise encounter. Depending upon the payment method (e.g., cash, corporate credit card) selected for an expense, the application calculates the appropriate reimbursement amount, and accounts for any cash advance received.

SMARTOUCH T&E Solution provides your users with all the tools they need to easily report their billable expenses. Digitized receipts and other documentation that should be associated with each expense item as supporting reference information.

The online forms contain menu selection items and search fields to allow your users to choose from pre-set information (e.g., category codes, dates, vendor identification), so they can rapidly produce error-free expense reports. During the creation of the expense report the T&E solution validates the expense line GL account information to prevent coding errors. Every field has context-sensitive help to guide the user through the online expense report independently and error free. The application keeps track of each report’s progress as it is being compiled, so a report can be completed over time, if desired.

Approval Request

Once the expense report is completed, it is submitted for approval. SMARTOUCH T&E tracks the expense report’s progress through the approval and payment process. Any number of payment approval steps may be defined, and the application’s Escalation feature prevents delays in the approval process.

The Approver can access the expense report approval request via E-mail or through their web browser. They will encounter a simple online approval screen. The approver has the peace of mind knowing that the completed expense report was validated against the corporate travel policy when it was created. The approver can quickly review the expense report and attached receipts, then easily approved or rejected the request. The user who initiated the request is notified once the expense report is approved or rejected. The reason why the request was rejected will be included to help the user correct the problem so the expense report can be resubmitted for approval.

Electronic communication between the approver and the person who initiated the T&E approval request is also supported on an interactive screen to speed the resolution of any issues the approver may have with an expense report.