About Us

Ascend Software, Inc. is a high technology company, delivering superior solutions for the mid-range, iSeries, mainframe, and Windows computer systems, and was incorporated in July 1997.  Ascend is a leading provider of Business Process Automation and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, and our software solutions are unsurpassed in performance and functionality. Ascend understands business and offers a one-stop solution to meet diverse process improvement, report, and document management needs. Our SmartTouch Solutions distinguish themselves through an underlying architecture developed to accomplish more with fewer steps or “smarter touches”, to efficiently service the enterprise.  Because of Ascend’s industry expertise, vision, dedication, and attention to detail, SmartTouch Solutions are faster to implement, easier to use, and yield a quick ROI.

Based in Brea California, with offices in Tennessee, Oregon, Indiana and Florida, Ascend’s solutions are distributed internationally in fourteen countries.  Ascend Software offers a comprehensive solution suite to manage the entire life cycle of business information.

Power  Ascend delivers innovative solutions that are more powerful, and provide greater functionality.  Our customers continually utilize our solutions far beyond their original intents, realizing even greater  efficiencies and savings.

Simplicity Powerful solutions don’t need to be complicated to use. Our products demonstrate their intuitive architecture with every click, and are extremely easy to install, administer, and maintain.

Experience Today’s diverse computing environment can present daunting challenges for even the most astute IT professional. At Ascend, our highly experienced associates possess the breadth and depth of knowledge required to develop and implement scalable solutions that meet and surpass your needs for today and tomorrow.

Return On Investment  Value is the cornerstone of our philosophy of doing business. While many companies offer vague two-year ROI statements with indiscernible “soft savings”, we present more hard dollar savings, and customers frequently realize returns on investment in just a few months.

Our Strategic Direction is to continue to develop drop-in, automated solutions that are extremely compatible with organizations’ existing infrastructures, resulting in greater process improvements, better information management, and lower costs of ownership.  With our deep understanding of business processes, our goal is to continue to produce more efficient and long-lasting industry solutions, which yield greater savings for our customers in their day-to-day use of our products.

Our Mission is to set the standard for product integrity and performance, accompanied by exceptional services and competitive prices.  We are committed to helping our customers operate more efficiently, so they may direct more resources toward their core businesses.