Automate Payments and Go From,

Paying suppliers to getting paid.

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Automated payments. Anytime. Anywhere.

Fully Integrated Payables

We make B2B payments easy and automatic for any size business so Accounts Payable (AP) teams can eliminate manual processes that slow down revenue growth.

With our automated payments solution, 100% of your payments are processed exactly the way you and your suppliers want them.

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Get Paid for Making Payments

Transform your AP into a profit center - Earn rebates by paying suppliers and lower payment costs simultaneously.

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Give Yourself Options

Extend payment terms or realize invoice discounts with suppliers.

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Achieve Full Payment Automation

Automate 100% of payments, including VC, ACH, B2B Payments Network, Ghost Card, FX, and Check.

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Flexibility and Scale

Simplify reconciliations anywhere, any time. Accelerate the payments flow as your business grows.

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Prevent Payment Errors

Enhance accuracy and prevent working capital loss by eliminating manual entry for payment processing.

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Mitigate Fraud

Implement robust internal controls to mitigate risk and prevent fraud.

Your Payments

Are on Schedule

Through automation organizations can schedule their payments to suppliers. Whether you wish to schedule invoice payment for early discounts or at the due date to extend cashflow, you can automate no matter the payment type.

Virtual Cards

Make Your Cost Center a Revenue Generator

Elevate your B2B payments game with virtual cards. Pay suppliers efficiently and enjoy significant rebates on every transaction. Maximize profits while ensuring secure supplier relationships.

Make Your AP Automation


Stop jeopardizing cash flow by trying to capture early payment discounts from select suppliers and get discounts from the majority of your suppliers without paying before your due date. With Virtual Card Rebates, receive money back on all purchases.



Every Type of Payment

Foreign Exchange

Payments made in over 18 countries and 140+ currencies with zero cross border fees regardless of different issuance and settlement locations.

Paper Checks

When your suppliers ask for check payments, we can automate the process by printing, signing, stuffing, and sending your check payments.


Accessibility from any web-based mobile device for real-time visibility and control of your payments.

Virtual Card

A unique electronic credit card number assigned to each invoice or transaction, allowing for fast settlement, solid security, and perfected reconciliations.

Ghost Card

A type of virtual card that can be opened for recurring transactions to the same vendor or used for multiple transactions across different vendors.

B2B Payments Network

A proprietary network for secure electronic payments. See invoice-level transaction details and earn a rebate on every bill paid.


Payment funds are pushed directly into the supplier’s bank account and are usually received within one business week with no supplier fees.

Ready to transform your AP Process?