SmartTouch AP™

AP Automation Software for Workday

SmartTouch AP™ for Workday

Advanced AP Automation Software

Ascend Software’s SmartTouch AP is a scalable, agile platform, that integrates with Workday, to enable businesses to respond to challenges faster, and in a much more relevant way.

SmartTouch AP is designed to create a smart workplace, by increasing visibility, management, and control across Accounts Payables, while lowering costs, strengthening compliance, and ensuring the security and integrity of vital corporate assets. It radically transforms how employees’ work, by giving them the freedom to solve problems, be more productive, and take on new challenges.

Accounts Payable Business Process Improvement that Pays

SmartTouch AP is more than document imaging and workflow management; it’s an enterprise-wide, systematic approach to business automation. The solution automatically routes electronic documents for approval, then stores them in a central cloud-based repository, giving employees immediate and secure access to critical information. Further, it significantly reduces risk, by helping organizations comply with business policies and regulations, and introducing consistent rules that govern the content life cycle.

SmartTouch AP relies on a machine-learning algorithm to eliminate thousands of manual touches each month. The sophisticated solution enables organizations to:

  • Decrease storage, transportation, and labor costs and eliminate paper with document capture and automated imaging
  • Streamline procure-to-pay operations and maximize early payment discounts, by dramatically decreasing manual data entry, exception handling, and approvals
  • Improve process visibility with real-time monitoring of performance metrics and gain insight into process bottlenecks
  • Improve financial controls with end-to-end content management for financial documents, including retention and records

Creating a Smart, Agile Workplace

Companies rely on SmartTouch AP to improve cash management, simplify reconciliation, streamline accruals, and produce more-accurate financial statements. The solution reduces operating costs and bolsters efficiency, by seamlessly integrating with Workday in real-time, to streamline repetitive, time-consuming tasks. By implementing financial automation through SmartTouch AP, businesses can achieve a rapid ROI, and many other benefits, including:

  • Elimination of lost discounts, late payment fees, and performance bottlenecks
  • Reduced data entry errors and time associated with corrections
  • Reduced operational labor costs and increasing efficiency
  • Improved auditability through built-in audit logs of activity to prove compliance
  • Electronic capture of reports and robust report bursting

We Are a Workday Certified Solutions Partner

In 2016, Ascend embarked on a journey to become the first Certified Solution Partner in Imaging and Document Management, for Workday’s Financial Management platform. During that period, Workday software engineers conducted an in-depth analysis of the performance, functionality, and integration of our advanced data capture and storage solutions. Our products were extensively examined by Workday, to ensure they met the same product standards and integrity that customers have come to expect from Workday.

Why Is This Important to My Business?

The certification we earned from Workday validates that companies trust Ascend to deliver a seamless business automation experience between Workday, and our fully integrated product suite. It also means that our clients directly benefit from our certified Workday expertise, which manifests itself in the engineering, implementation, support, and ease-of-use of our best-in-class solutions. Finally, it means that if you are investing in business automation, you need look no further than Ascend, as we have demonstrated a substantial commitment to Workday technology and solutions.

Ready to implement a smart, automated, and scalable workplace, with a company backed by over two decades of experience delivering cost savings and process efficiencies? Contact us today to request a demonstration of SmartTouch AP.