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Calculate your Accounts Payable ROI with SmartTouch AP™ and Workday Financial Management together

No one wants to invest in a new platform without knowing what the potential return on investment is. Find out how much you could be saving by automating your Accounts Payable process.

While every company will realize different results based on a unique set of variables, our ROI calculator creates an estimate for how much your company could save by automating its accounts payable processes with SmartTouch AP. Many of our own customers see ROI within a few months of implementing SmartTouch AP.

Where does AP automation ROI come from?


Fewer touches with AP automation

The biggest source of ROI we see for our customers is through drastic decreases in time spent completing manual processing tasks. Automatic coding, routing, workflows and central cloud-based file storage removes complexity from the AP process and substantially reduces the number of touches it takes your team to process an invoice from start to finish.


Better data and high OCR rates

A few minutes spent correcting data errors or re-processing invoices because of duplicate entry, lost emails and lost paper documents doesn’t seem like much, but compounds quickly when your company processes hundreds – or thousands – of invoices each month. SmartTouch AP™ reduces the potential for all three,  time you spend entering data by 85%.


Paper and overhead costs

Reducing paper consumption can have a measurable effect on paper supply costs. But AP automation can also provide ROI in other areas such as reduced cost of document storage, climate control, offsite transport and printing costs. Since these factors vary between companies, paper and equipment costs are not considered in our ROI calculator. We’re happy to work with you to develop a custom ROI calculation to include these variables.