Enterprise content management software - SmartTouch ECM

Enterprise Content Management

Store, manage and retrieve any kind of file with a document management solution that scales with your company

Enterprise Content Management and document storage

SmartTouch ECM™ enables you to connect and capture, distribute, archive, and automatically manage volumes of documents, reports, and images across the enterprise. Unlimited indexing gives you more search options and allows you to organize and find the desired information quickly and easily. Each user can organize their data and view information in just a keystroke.

Information delivered when & how you want it

Reduce or eliminate paper printing, copying, handling, storage, and distribution

Eliminate unauthorized access or distribution of sensitive documents

Link and access virtually any file directly from your ERP

Get fast access to information from Workday or through your browser

Connect to a vast array of systems and devices

  • Automate retention aligned with corporate policies, procedures, and legal requirements
  • Link to documents directly in your ERP for quick access
  • Ensure compliance, auditing requirements, and legal standards while archiving your employees’ documents
  • Simplify deployment with browser-based viewing – nothing gets downloaded to the user’s end point

Secure, cost-effective document management

Get peace of mind with secure storage, back-ups, and disaster recovery, along with:


  • Rapid install and deployment
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • No maintenance or upgrades needed
  • No hardware to maintain

Leverage SmartTouch ECM™ to realize greater ROI

Use SmartTouch ECM™ as a stand-alone document management solution to control information across your organization, or leverage your ECM investment and expand usage with our full suite of SmartTouch solutions. You’ll realize more cost-cutting efficiencies, improve controls, and enable enforcement of document-related policies.


Start automating. Increase your capacity.

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