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SmartTouch T&E™ Overview

Modernize your organization’s travel and expense management process with Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E Solution. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally replace the tedious handling of expense report, paper receipts, and the manual storage of paper with an efficient online solution? Wouldn’t you prefer automated controls to validate that expense reports are in compliance with your corporate policies? Wouldn’t dramatically lessening the burden on your Accounts Payable department by eliminating the manual tracking, rekeying of expense requests and data entry errors, improve overall efficiency? Whether it’s for travel and expense reports or employee expense reimbursements, Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E Solution will resolve these issues and many more. If you would like a 30 minute SmartTouch T&E webinar, please submit an online webinar request or for more information you can contact a sales representative at 888-353-7058 ext. 202 or through our online Info Request form.


Let’s say that “Bob the User” returns from a business trip where he visited 7 west coast locations. It’s now Monday and Bob has about 10 minutes before his first meeting begins. Bob quickly accesses the SmartTouch T&E system through his web browser and enters his trip expenses. He has 5 different expense categories: airfare, lodging, mileage, car rental, and parking. Bob needs to allocate a portion of each expense across the 7 location’s he visited, which SmartTouch T&E can do with a simple account allocation selection. Corporate travel and expense policies require receipts, which Bob electronically attaches. His expense report reimbursement request is complete and off for electronic approval.

Bob’s, boss Michael, receives the expense report approval request in his E-mail Inbox. He clicks approve and SmartTouch T&E automatically escalates it to Nicole for a secondary approval because the total expense report exceeds Michael’s approval limit of $2,500.00. Prior to approving the request, Nicole wants to review Bob’s last expense report, so she retrieves Bob’s previous expense reports using the SmartTouch T&E Search and Document Management Archive. After a quick review, she approves the new expense request with a single click. The request for payment is automatically created in the ERP Accounts Payable (AP) system without requiring an AP processor to re-key the payment request. [Note: The AP Processor can optionally review the request prior to the automatic creation of the AP payment request; the system can also be configured to integrate the reimbursement request into Payroll.]

The SmartTouch T&E Product Administrator is off on vacation, because the entire drop-in SmartTouch T&E implementation and training took less than two weeks. When management is asked to enforce existing travel and expense policies or establish new ones, they will have the confidence in knowing that this can easily be accomplished with SMARTOUCH T&E. After policies are established, the one-click compliance reports will instantly display expense reports that are in violation of corporate policy. This information will allow them to identify and address an individual expense report or justify a need for a change in policy.

Customer Testimonials
  • We have already expanded Ascend’s ECM from just accepting Lawson reports to accepting reports for our Payroll, patient accounting and patient scheduling department. It also easily burst and distributer our General Ledger expense report to over 5,000 departments.

    Jim Hymes
    Sr. Programmer Analyst
    Memorial Hermann Health Systems
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