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Human Resources electronic document management

Enable your HR department to allocate fewer resources to document management and address higher-level operational and strategic responsibilities.

Electronic document management for Human Resources professionals

Robust enterprise document management blended with corporate policies and procedures to yield a more productive environment that frees up your human resources team to focus on your organization’s best asset—its people.

Focus on your people, not your document management tasks

Eliminate paper use and storage space with electronic records

Track and secure document activity based on user role, permissions and document type

Process personnel tasks faster with fewer errors and reduce labor-intensive efforts

Retrieve information easier and faster by linking documents directly in your ERP

Manage HR documents and automate data validation

  • Ensure documents are retained for proper period with automated standard and event-based retention
  • Get rapid document indexing and validation
  • Gain fast and accurate electronic filing and retrieval with auto-indexing from your ERP (e.g., employee name, department, hire date)
  • Limit access to sensitive information by authorized personnel

Document storage and retrieval made easy

Simply put, we know business processes and content management. Which is how we’ve been able to design a superior HR enterprise document management solution to meet your most pressing needs.

Now you can easily search and retrieve electronic files. Our system’s ability to store unlimited document types provides a flexible solution that will scale with your needs. Store electronic employee records, reports, scanned images, and miscellaneous files, and securely maintain them in their native forms.

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Start automating. Increase your capacity.

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