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Accounts Payable automation, OCR and invoice imaging

Scan and capture invoice information, automatically code data and automate your invoice processes with AP workflow software. 

Increase your invoice processing capacity

SmartTouch AP™ is designed to improve data capture rates, increase your processing capacity and extend your AP team with automated workflows. Lower your operational costs, increase visibility and controls, and improve your invoice processing efficiency.

Modernized accounts payable software

Eliminate data entry errors and time-consuming manual processes.

Reduce or eliminate paper printing, handling, storage and distribution

Achieve extremely high data-recognition rates with state-of-the-art OCR technology

Cut your AP processing time substantially. Deliver fast project ROI

Increase visibility, reduce labor, improve AP controls and eliminate double entry

Grow your business without growing your AP team

  • Eliminate paper & physical storage via scanned documents
  • Rapidly index and validate document data with OCR
  • Capture non-PO details and send data directly to your ERP
  • Automatically validate supplier, PO and term information from your ERP
  • Access AP invoice images directly from your ERP
  • Streamline the capture of Spend Category information

Optical character recognition (OCR) and imaging

SmartTouch AP™ uses proprietary advanced OCR software to reliably and consistently scan, capture and extract information from structured and unstructured documents with excellent out-of-the box recognition rates.

When vendors change their invoice layouts, AIR will recognize those changes without manual intervention. You won’t have to continually make manual software changes to maintain higher data recognition rates as with template-based technologies.


Seamless integration with your ERP

SmartTouch AP™ is a robust solution designed to streamline your accounts payable process through a real-time ERP integration. All so you can lower processing costs, increase efficiencies, capture more supplier discounts, and get more visibility into your AP process.

Use invoice imaging, OCR and accounts payable automation to extract and validate invoice data with a direct connection into your ERP environment. The result is a near elimination of manual data entry, greater accuracy, and drastically improved throughput.


Start automating. Increase your capacity.

Talk with one of our experts today to discover how you can leave manual work behind and automate your accounts payable process.