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What is Business Automation?

Business automation is a means to seamlessly incorporate policies and procedures into the company’s system environment and your staff’s daily activities. Automation eliminates routine decisions, redundant tasks, and maximizes your employees’ efforts for decisions best suited to their expertise. Ascend’s solution enables you to automate these critical decisions with confidence and ease, by offering the best long-term Enterprise Information Management solution by design. A quality product is more than features, and Ascend’s functionality is built upon a secure, adaptable and scalable architecture that is easy-to-use.

Business process automation guarantees your procedures are effectively implemented within the organization, prevents exposure to non-compliance issues or mishandling of your business information, which can negatively impact your revenue. Workflow automates the routing of all types of business documents and information to eliminate time-consuming, cumbersome, and error-prone tasks. Significant time is saved each day by task automation, and the impact on your staff is minimized when policies and procedures change. Protect your staff and your company’s assets from overlooked critical steps in your processes and achieve:

  • Productivity – Streamline processes and eliminate redundant and time-consuming tasks audit trails
  • Accuracy – Eliminate error-prone tasks, oversights, and training
  • Consistency – Guarantee consistent practices among employees
  • Adaptability – Instantly comply with regulations and best practices
  • Standardization – Gain a single point of access to your information

Why Ascend?

The term “workflow” is defined in different ways. Products vary greatly, and are often nothing more than approval routing processes. When a workflow solution is implemented, it may meet the needs of the company at that point in time, but the goal is process automation, and processes will certainly change, therefore, serious consideration should be the ease with which the solution can adapt to future needs. Some workflow solutions fall short on supporting true “Business Automation” and limit your ability to fully implement your vision and achieve your goals. Ascend’s Advanced WorkFlow software solution is a robust solution that is highly adaptable to your needs, easy-to-use, and is managed through a graphical user-friendly facility.

Ascend’s Business Automation Solution

The extensive capabilities of Ascend’s Advanced WorkFlow solution enable the automation of all types of company processes, and includes numerous processing options, such as: routing, approval, escalation, database validation and update, data exchange among external databases and business applications, calculations, linking, E-Mail, FAX, complex printing, comparisons, business transaction processing, electronic signatures, audit trails, and unlimited information management (e.g., reports, documents, images, Web pages, multi-media, and much more). Users can easily organize and locate archived electronic information using folders and advanced searches. WorkFlow process status may be monitored, and our WorkFlow Dashboard can consolidate and highlight critical information, such as delay points in a process. Ascend’s premier Enterprise Information Management solution offers the best long-term security for your vital data, the support of its processing, and its future access.

Automated AP Process

The AP invoice process is an ideal candidate for WorkFlow automation, which will drastically reduce data entry time and errors, and provide an electronic document management solution to track invoices through the approval steps. Ascend’s Advanced WorkFlow adapts to your organization to meet your specific needs.

Demand the reliability, adaptability, scalability, and usability that only Ascend Software products can offer.

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