SmartTouch T&E™ ERP Integration Accurate Expense Accounting

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SmartTouch T&E works with your General Ledger (GL) and Accounts Payable (AP) systems to ensure expense accuracy. As the user is creating the online expense report the GL accounts distribution are validated. Lookup features ensure that expenses are applied to the proper accounts, and splitting an expense across two or more cost centers on an actual dollar amount or percentage basis is supported.

After the expense report has been created and approved online, SmartTouch T&E can instantly create an expense invoice in your AP system or first route the invoice request to an AP processor for review. The SmartTouch T&E solution will capture the data from expense reports and seamlessly integrate a payment request transaction into your ERP Accounts Payable (AP) application. This saves time and prevents delays by eliminating duplicate AP data entry and potential entry errors. The electronic expense invoice and supporting documentation is indexed and stored in Ascend’s secure archive for as long as you desire, and a user has instant viewing access to current and historical expense reports through a web browser.

Lawson Integration
Ascend is the only solution that passes T&E payment requests into your Lawson AP solution real-time. This real-time integration option gives instant confirmation that an AP invoice was successfully created in your Lawson AP application. This immediate real-time design eliminates more steps than any other method and gives you the instant feedback you want when processing a payment request. Instant Lawson integration eliminates numerous steps required with batch processing and allows you to resolve errors immediately.

ERP Integration
SmartTouch T&E architecture supports integration into your ERP applications. GL account distributions can be validated from the ERP application, or GL travel and expense accounts can be entered into the SmartTouch T&E solution. Both GL validation metholds ensure account accuracy as the user creates their expense report. The T&E solution can
pass an invoice transaction file to any AP application of the completed expense reports and interface it into the AP or Payroll for reimbursement. This eliminates the duplicate data entry that would be required to enter an expense report payment request into your AP application.