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AP Imaging & Automation

Ascend’s SmartTouch AP Imaging and Business Automation solution results in the fewest steps or touches to process an invoice. Our best practices design will streamline your AP department. We implement the most efficient solution that meets your goals and suits your environment. Whether you choose to process scanned or electronic invoices, or choose to process the documents in-house or outsource them, Ascend will review the benefits and ROI of each approach. SmartTouch AP includes imaging, e-invoicing, Hands-Free AP™ approval routings, escalations, easy to use web-browser search, and much more.

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SmartTouch ECM/ReportSafe®

Ascend’s ReportSafe®, is a drop-in Enterprise Report Management Solution that solves today’s ever increasing demands to electronically capture report output, burst, distribute, and manage it with ease. Our 100% web-browser solution is fast to deploy and easy to configure. You can be up and running in as little as a week! Enjoy secure report archiving and convenient Web viewing. Robust storage management will handle any large volume requirements. ReportSafe allows you to access the exact report or report sections at any point in time from any location. Distribute reports via e-mail, FAX or to any Windows- networked printer and view information within seconds. ReportSafe is extremely dependable and easy-to-use. It is designed for business by business people.

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HR Document Management

Human Resources is a department with diverse responsibilities, including the creation and maintenance of sensitive information. Further, HR operates in a zero-tolerance environment, and is required to stay in compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. Ascend Software’s SmartTouch HR is a solution that blends the efficiency and speed of an electronic document management system, with corporate policies and procedures, to yield a more productive environment. The solution not only scans HR documents, but also performs data recognition, validation, and advanced image clean-up, to produce the highest quality image possible.

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Imaging, OCR, Advanced Recognition

Ascend’s Analytical Information Recognition (AIR), is a single solution that creates images from paper documents and captures electronic documents then performs Optical Character Recognition(OCR), intelligently recognizes, extracts and processes the document data. It recognizes and extracts the desired information from structured and unstructured documents like a person, but with faster through-put and consistent reliability. SmartTouch AIR frees-up more time and money so organizations can utilize resources elsewhere.

SmartTouch AIR’s advantage lies in its architecture that intelligently recognizes and isolates data through sophisticated algorithms and analytical processing. Advanced capture solutions typically take weeks of training or require product certification in order to speak with the vendor. SmartTouch AIR intelligence was incorporated into the product, eliminates this burden and delivers easy product administration. It requires minimal training, is operational in less than a day and is fully optimized within days.

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Travel & Expense Automation

Modernize your organization’s Travel and Expense reporting process with Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E Solution. You can replace the time consumption, handling, and storage of paper forms and paper receipts with an efficient on-line solution that ensures travel and expense reimbursement policy compliance and provides the users with an affordable, comprehensive, intuitive application. Dramatically lessening the burden on your Accounts Payable department by eliminating the rekeying and other manual entry of data reduce errors and improve overall efficiency. Whether it’s for travel and expense reports or employee expense reimbursements, Ascend’s SmartTouch T&E Solution will resolve these issues and many more.

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