Software as a Service (SaaS)

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What is SaaS?

Essentially, it is enterprise-level software, performance, and uncompromised levels of service in one complete package. Housed in a Fortune 50 scale Operations Center, which provides a secure, reliable, and complete applications management operation , freeing critical I.T. resources so that they can focus on core business initiatives. Designed with application operations and management in mind, the Operations Center and its Service Delivery Infrastructure (SDI) offer customers a comprehensive, guaranteed service level agreement that includes:

  • Reliable applications availability
  • Full service customer support (24×7)
  • Complete life-cycle management


Plug-in Software Availability

Ascend is the leading solution provider for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This superior architecture is designed to store and manage all company information (e.g., reports, images, E-Mail, Excel, etc.) from all systems. Ascend’s solution is now offered in two new service models: Software as a Service (SaaS), effectively providing a plug-in Enterprise Document Management (EDM) solution to build your corporate information repository with the faster uptime at a lower cost. Ascend’s customers can choose this managed application environment in a lease (SaaS) or purchase model to best fit their goals and budget.


Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by 20% – 40%

You can automate your AP, HR, and PO business processes. How do automatic upgrades apply? When the software is in a managed environment, not only is the solution pre-implemented, the upgrades and support are automatically included at no extra charge. This delivers superior service levels to end users.


Unparalleled Results

Applications Availability – A comprehensive availability guarantee (99.5%) for all applications. When customers choose Ascend’s SaaS offering, they are confident that their applications will be available when needed.

Customer Support – Regardless of whether the question is technical or functional (How do I…?), the professionally-trained Customer Service staff are there to help.

Lifecycle Management – Our applications remain current through the addition of released patches, service packs, and upgrades. This includes the production-certified customer environment and any customer specific business process customizations. The Operations Center will also maintain all elements of the Service Delivery Infrastructure that supports these applications including: networks, databases, servers, operating systems, and interfaces to complementary applications.

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