2001 News

Robert McCall
Feb 17, 2013 1:46:04 AM

October 2001 News
HomeCenterNews publishes the customer story of how Orchard Supply Hardware, a division of Sears, replaced its microfiche system with ReportSafe v3.

September 2001 News
Internet Week publishes the customer story of Life Care Centers of America and reviews the cost savings establishing an ROI in only months.

September 2001 News
PC Magazine announces ReportSafe v3.

August 2001 News
AS/400 Network announces ReportSafe v3.

August 2001 News
Midrange Technology Document Management/Imaging article :
“Report Management Just Got Better”

August 2001 News
CIO Magazine announces ReportSafe v3.0.

August 2001 News
Super Market News publishes the customer story of Penn Traffic an the benefits and cost savings of ReportSafe’s Web distribution.

July 2001 News
E-Week Magazine article gave ReportSafe v3.0 an “A” in Usability and Manageability.

July 2001 News
Windows 2000 Magazine Newsletter announces ReportSafe v3.

June 2001 Announcement
Ascend Software becomes a Business Partner of Lawson Software.

May 2001 Event
Ascends exhibits at CUE 2001 – Lawson Annual Conference in Anaheim, California, booth number 626.

ReportSafe Version 3.0 is available. For details contact us at info@AscendSoftware.com.

May 2001 Press Release
ReportSafeWeb Excel Interface. ReportSafeWeb automatically exports the detail information of a report into an MS-Excel spreadsheet with a click of an icon. This feature supports multiple detail lines and allows columns to be re-ordered.

April 2001 Press Release
Ascend Software announces a partnership with CeDimension and international distributor. Ascend’s products will be distributed by CeDimension in sixteen countries throughout Europe, Israel, South Africa, and South America.

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