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South East Mega Meeting LUG

Ascend Software
Apr 22, 2015 10:15:23 PM

Ascend Software will attend the South East Mega Meeting LUG!

Dates:   May 17 - 19th
Place:    Grand Hyatt in Tampa Bay, FL

Join Us for Info Sessions on AP Automation & Advanced Fraud Prevention

Session 1: Squeezing the Most Value from Your AP Invoice Automation Dollar

Date:   Tuesday, May 19th
Time:   9:30 a.m.  
Place:  White Ibis North

Automating your AP Invoice process is a lot more than just taking a picture of your invoices and storing them away.  To maximize your investment, you need to capture discounts, eliminate and automate human interactions, and make your entire business process focused on fewer and smarter touches.  This presentation will feature a live demonstration as well as real-world stories of companies like yours that have experienced hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings using SmartTouch AP. Ascend has the only "Real-time" Infor Lawson AP transaction integration, which reduces steps and cuts your AP process in half.

Solution includes:

  • Advanced Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Invoice Imaging with advanced OCR options
  • Flexible invoice approval routing
  • Ascend's Real-time Infor Lawson integration (significantly less effort than other Infor Lawson imaging solutions)
  • Drill-down from Infor Lawson directly to image
  • Advanced web-based search from a centralized screen for AP and departments, reduce questions
  • ROI in 6-12 months

Session 2: Stopping Employee Fraud Before It Costs You

Date:   Tuesday, May 18th
Time:   2:05 p.m.  
Place:  Audubon C

With employee fraud costing the average large company over $50,000,000 a year. Companies that have not implemented effective defense mechanisms are the most likely to fall prey. This presentation will reveal where employee fraud comes from, what it looks like, and technology-based strategies, such as SmartTouch Advanced Fraud Prevention, to defend these vulnerabilities.

SmartTouch Advanced Fraud Prevention is designed to help organizations:

  1. Quickly Reclaim Bottom-line Dollars — Organizations may reclaim hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of dollars, by implementing a fraud protection system
  2. Deter Fraud — It has been proven that knowledge of a fraud detection system in place will discourage a fraudster from taking the risk
  3. Protect Assets and Reputation — Protection against asset loss and reputation damage, which can negatively impact the bottom line, stock value, and non- profit donations
  4. Fulfill Fiscal Responsibility — Fulfill judiciary responsibilities which are entrusted to officers to morally, ethically, and financially protect and ensure the viability of the organization
  5. Reduce Exposure to Fraud — Identify suspicious transactions and prevent the completion of the fraudulent activity

If you cannot attend and would like a private demonstration please contact us at (888) 353-7058 ext. 202 or info@ascendsoftware.com.

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