SmartTouch ItemMatch™

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SmartTouch ItemMatch™ is mashup technology that aligns supply chain contracts and purchase orders with vendor information, such as item cost and unit-of-measure through patent pending automation. ItemMatch business automation is a one of a kind solution that ensures contract data alignment with the vendor. The result is your purchase orders are sent to the vendor error free. ItemMatch practically eliminates purchase order discrepancies, ensures the timely receipt of supplies, and saves significant time in both Materials Management and Accounts Payable. Ascend recognized the need to ensure contract and purchase order accuracy and developed SmartTouch ItemMatch.

This business automation solution accepts vendor item information, analyizes it, and automates the updates contracts and purchase orders in your ERP solution. It overcomes a number of serious obstacles. Unlike similar solutions it doesn’t simply replace the contract with the new vendor contract file. It analysis the incoming contract information and compares it to your internal supply chain contract.

The system compares the difference to company specific tolerances. This can identify items with large discrepancies you may want to analyze more closely. All items within tolerance are updated automatically and recorded in an audit log. Note that SmartTouch ItemMatch locates and updates “all” contracts that have an item cost in error. This replaces the time-consuming process of finding each contract that contain an item price in error and manually updating it.

The system is flexible and the company defined tolerances allow you to control if all discrepancies are reviewed prior to the one-click update or only larger ones. Why not accept the price difference when the vendor has the lower cost? In either case you no longer have to manually go into your supply chain contract to manually enter changes, literally one-click and all the work is done.

A key difference with ItemMatch is the purchase order is correct prior to being sent to the vendor versus waiting for EDI acknowledgements or resolving time-consuming AP price discrepancies. This automation identified descrepanies before they cause delays in shipment or payments. It replaces the time consuming analysis between your internal company information and your vendor with a consolidated screen and most importantly the ability to correct the problem with a single-click. Hundreds of hours each month are reduced to minutes. Remarkably this solution is implemented in three days and has an ROI of only weeks. ItemMatch software is a drop-in solution and is easy to use. Your savings begin on day four! Our implementation time-frame is guaranteed.