SmartTouch ItemMatch Benefits

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Quickly realize numerous time and cost saving benefits

  • Eliminate hundreds of thousands of hours spent on buyer price discrepancies. ItemMatch will analyze an contracts and purchase orders in seconds to identify and correct price discrepancies prior to transmitting the EDI order or sending the PO to the vendor .
  • Automate contract maintenance to ensure contract pricing and unit-of-measure accuracy. Eliminate time previously required to update contracts and correct purchase orders. Research is reduced to a single Click.
  • Order corrections can occur automatically or with one-click approval
  • Reducing discrepancies between the PO and AP invoice. More accurate orders will prevent invoice payment and receiving delays.
  • Providing instant visibility of contract information to assist in purchasing the correct item at the correct cost.
  • Prominently identifying stock and non-stock items to ensure faster delivery.
  • Automating analysis on special items. ItemMatch will analyze special items and suggest replacement items found in the item master.
  • Ensuring compliance and consistency among buyers.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive audit log of all activity and responses.