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The Benefits of Best of Breed Accounts Payable

A Best of Breed approach for Accounts Payable is a strategic method of selecting and implementing the most effective and efficient software solutions...

Accounts Payable

E-Document Compliance for Accounts Payable

E-Document Compliance for Accounts Payable changes every year with new requirements being implemented. This article covers what to expect in the...


How to use worktags in Workday

A complete guide on how to use Worktags in Workday Financial Management with best practices and examples for the Accounts Payable team.

Accounts Payable

Non-PO Invoice Coding and Automation

A simple look into why companies automate their Non-PO Invoices through coding and how it plays a role in their Accounts Payable efficiency.

Accounts Payable

Your AP Team Needs Help, But Do You Know Why?

Ascend is a Workday Select Partner, that offers account payable automation that enables AP teams to achieve invoice processing rates of 80 to 90...

What is the Procure to Pay Process?

The Procure to Pay Process and Value chain represents the entire process a business goes through to order, receive and pay for goods or services.

Accounts Payable

What is Accounts Payable automation?

Accounts payable automation can cut costs, improve invoice throughput, and transform your business, but what exactly is it? Here is what you need to...

Accounts Payable

How to benchmark your company's AP performance

Is your AP process as good as it can be? How fast is it? Be more efficient and more effective by benchmarking your company’s AP performance.

Achieving a Paperless Office

Paper can negatively impact an organization's efficiency and bottom-line revenue. Here are 4 steps you can take today toward achieving a paperless...

Accounts Payable

5 Ways to Cut Your AP Processing Time in Half

You would never want to spend twice as long doing anything if you didn’t need to, especially paying your bills. Here's how to cut your AP processing...

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